Hannah Simmons

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Hannah has been a self-proclaimed magpie since childhood, gathering inspiration from the great outdoors and gravitating towards all things shiny and sparkly! As a child, her eye naturally transfigured the colors, textures, and patterns of nature as she made forts to play in in the woods. Nowadays Hannah can be found strolling around London, exploring the eye-catching urban landscapes with her beloved beagle, Hector.

While living in Paris for a year, Hannah was continually inspired by vivid streets and vibrant passersby. This joyful immersion informed her opinion that trends are cyclical, subject to numerous renaissances through the ages.

Her career began in television, where she discovered her natural inclination for set design while working as as a producer, which ultimately led her to freelance styling. Hannah has since enjoyed a flourishing career collaborating with some of London’s most esteemed brands. She is excited to take her detail-oriented eye abroad to the US market (and looks forward to adding to her postcard collection, too!).