Nora Singley


Passionate about spreading the joys of food far and wide, Nora is experienced in television and print with a keen ability to work side by side with the world's best chefs to execute their recipes on air and in stills with delicious deftness. 

Nora's career has run the professional gourmand's gamut from Murray's Cheese to Martha Stewart, working as an education director, culinary producer, recipe developer, and food stylist.

After a six year tenure with Martha Stewart, Nora began to work as a freelancer in 2012. Since then she has rounded out her career by traveling the country with Moveable Feast, styling best-selling cookbooks and magazines, and developing winning recipes for southern barbecue competition shows. No matter the job, Nora brings the same energetic spirit, positive work ethic, and creative flair.

Though she is always looking ahead to the trends and innovations that push the industry forward, she is holding out hope that the 'pastry-wrapped-everything' trend will make a comeback. 

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