Photographer Danielle Acken has lived throughout North America for much of her life, most recently on an unspoiled island off the coast of Vancouver and in sultry Birmingham, Alabama. Her accomplishments are as varied as her geography – she’s been a competitive rock climber and a professional snowboarder, and is of course an award winning food and portrait photographer.

Danielle’s holistic understanding of ingredients, preparation, food history, regional wonders and simply what tastes and looks delicious encourages viewers to eat with their eyes. Ever curious about the culture of food, she actively plugs right into the food scene wherever she goes, forming relationships with movers, shakers and innovators across the globe. Her work is frequently cited on “best of” lists and has won many awards, including the prestigious 2020 Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

Whether she is photographing food or making a portrait, Danielle’s images are influenced by the
deep tonality and colors of nature. With roots in the UK, the beauty and colors of the English landscape along with the cosmopolitan verve of London are also an undercurrent in how she sees. An avid team builder, she shoots on location throughout North America and Europe and has also established two full-service studios offering photography, food styling and recipe development in Salt Spring and in Birmingham. A true artist, Danielle’s content and imagery reminds us of why and how we come together – over a meal that is beautiful, comforting and familiar.